What We’re Thankful For


By Dani Babineau

We have a lot to be grateful for.

Building a brewery is no small task. But it’d be straight-up impossible without the help of so many people supporting us.

We, unfortunately, have been so focused on getting to the finish line -- i.e. opening this brewery -- that we often forget to stop and reflect on everything that we’re thankful for. But today, we think it’s important to give a shout out to many people that we owe thanks to.

First and foremost, we’re thankful for the friends and family that continue to support us in so many ways. From helping with construction to spreading the word to just being excited for us. We simply could not do any of this without them.

We’re also thankful for all our new fans. In a weird way, the Facebook likes and Instagram comments keep us going. Being able to interact with our future customers before we’re even open continues to give us a big boost of energy.

We’re also thankful to be a part of the craft beer industry. Over the years, we’ve received enormous amounts of advice and encouragement. It’s wonderful knowing that we’re a part of such a welcoming community.

Finally, we’re grateful to be a part of the City of Worcester and the people in it. We’ve had a great experience working with the City of Worcester, as well as being embraced by both individuals and various groups, including the Young Professional Women’s Association and Leadership Worcester. We’ve met amazing people and learned about aspects of the city we otherwise never would have had the chance to. From people in public service roles, to members of the local press, and other business owners and residents, the people of this city continually reaffirm our decision to locate here.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Now stop reading beer blogs and get back to your family. It's probably time for dessert.