Beer for People: Why We’re Running a Crowdfunding Campaign


By Dani Babineau

Last week, we launched a crowdfunding campaign through WeFunder, and it’s generated a lot of excitement. You can find all the nuts & bolts – investor perks, our goals, etc. – on the campaign page. But there’s one question we’ve been getting that we want to focus on here.

What’s it for?

The answer: It’s all about beer for people.

Yes, that’s the motto all over our website and the WeFunder site. But it also perfectly captures all the reasons we decided to launch this campaign.

When we talk about the “people” in “beer for people,” we mean three things: our customers, our employees, and our community. And this campaign is centered around all three.

For customers, we’re using the funds to put the finishing touches on our taproom. We’ve long envisioned a beautiful, comfortable, and dynamic space that people just feel good being in and want to stay in. It’s a key part of the delightful craft beer experience we’re trying to build, and these funds will help us finish it.

For employees, we want to give them the tools to be as successful as they possibly can – in the taproom, across our business, and throughout their careers. These funds will help us take the first steps toward a robust training program that will empower our team in many areas – beer, finance, operations, or whatever professional direction they want to go in. We aim to enable them through both hands-on training, and by providing access to conferences, classes, and other educational tools.

And for the community, we launched this campaign because we wanted to share this with craft beer fans around Worcester. This type of campaign is more inclusive than raising money through equity or bank loans, and, unlike Kickstarter, it allows the community to share financial success with us. If our goal is to create a better craft beer experience for the community, then it only makes sense that the community can join in.

And finally (y’all knew this was coming), we’d love your help in reaching our goals for this campaign. If you’re interested in contributing, or know someone who would be, visit