What’s New and What’s Left To Do

By Dani Babineau

Full disclosure: I’ve tried writing this blog post five or six times. But it ain’t easy because we’ve been hitting one milestone after another, so the post is pretty much outdated as soon as it’s drafted.

Seriously – the last draft of this post said “the brewing equipment is installed and we’re getting ready for our first test batch!” A few days later, we’ve got all four fermentors full and bubblin’ away with our launch beers.

Things are moving fast, and we’ve moved a lot of our to-do list into the “done” column in the last month, including:

  • The “back of the house” – the brewhouse, offices, walk-in cooler, etc. – is all but completed! There are still some finishing details to get done, but the space is fully functional.

  • We’re on track to receive brewery and pouring permits at the federal, state, and city levels. 

  • Merchandise is fully designed and ordered and starting to arrive!

  • We hired our first three wonderful teammates for the taproom staff! We experimented with a blind hiring process that was a pretty huge success. We’ll explain more about that – and introduce you to the team – in future posts.

That said, we still have a handful of hurdles to clear before we’re open for business. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s left:

Taproom Construction: We’ve made a TON of progress on the taproom. Painting and lighting are 99% done, the POS system is installed, and the furniture is unpacked. The most significant things left to complete: install the bar top, install the draft system, and finish the bathrooms. At the pace we’re going, these should be done in less than a week (fingers extremely crossed).

Permitting: Not much left to do here except pass final inspections and receive a certificate of occupancy (toes extremely crossed, too).

Brewing: As mentioned earlier, we’ve got four fermentors and every one of them is full of beer. Once those bad boys are done (and up to our standards), we’ll get ‘em ready to pour and get started on the next four!

We’ve completed a lot in recent months and it feels great, but we’re keeping our foot on the gas. As always, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for real-time updates, and keep an eye out for grand opening events!