What’s Next?

By Dani Babineau

So, it finally happened -- the “worst-kept secret in the city’s brewing industry” is out there for the world to see.

We're beyond excited, and the last two weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. We closed on our SBA loan, officially kicked off construction in the brewery and taproom, and launched our social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just so you know). And we talked to a lot of reporters.

Like, a LOT of reporters.

So many reporters.

So many interviews.

Just a lot of PR going on over here. It’s all great stuff, and we’re beyond thrilled that so many people are finding out about us for the first time.

It’s been quite the transition for us. I went from working from home and playing the waiting game for months to suddenly (or finally, really) running around non-stop and answering questions. Last Monday, I went into the brewery with a folding table and my laptop to work from the site for the first time (note: !!!). It would’ve worked out better if we had, you know, wi-fi -- but I've been saying for months that I was looking forward to getting to this point, and I stand by that one-hundred percent. It’s been crazy and hectic, but I absolutely love the fast pace and making progress.

So. Now what?

The real work is just beginning and the breakneck pace is going to continue. Here’s what's on our plate:

Licensing: Well, we can already check off another big box because we received our federal brewery permit from the Tax & Trade Bureau last week -- which means we're officially a brewery in the eyes of the federal government (note: !!!). It feels damn good.

Brewery licensing is a bit of a cascading system (you need to get federal before state, state before municipal), so this is a huge step towards getting open. Next up: going to the MA ABCC to get our state license. After that, we can start brewing beer (!!!).

Building Stuff: But first, floors and brewing equipment. We're currently installing trench drains and rough plumbing, which will be followed by grinding out the old floor finishes and putting down an epoxy floor in the brewhouse. Once the floors are done, we will have our brewhouse and tanks shipped (manufactured here in the good-ol’ US-of-A by Practical Fusion in Portland, OR) and installed. Then, we brew.

In the meantime, we're also working on painting the perimeter walls, ordering everything from toilets to coffee makers, and quite importantly, starting to build the bar.

Building the Team: We ain’t gonna be able to do this alone, so we will begin to recruit taproom staff in the next couple of weeks! If you're looking to get into or make a move within the beer industry, keep an eye out for forthcoming job postings.

Our sleeves are rolled up. If you want to keep up with our progress, join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.