What’s in a Name


By Dani Babineau

Here’s another frequently asked question: Why the name Redemption Rock Brewing Co.?

For background, the O.G. Redemption Rock is an impressively large granite ledge that has a rather complicated history involving colonialism, kidnapping, and war. You can learn more about that by visiting the Trustees of Reservations site. These details, however, didn’t factor much at all into why we took this name.

We named our brewery after this landmark for three reasons. First, you might imagine, we sought a name that’s locally significant and evocative. I grew up close to Redemption Rock (the rock) and, like many who grew up in central Massachusetts, I visited the site and learned of its history during elementary school field trips. It’s a bit of a hidden gem.

(And unlike a different historical rock that’s close to where some people on our team grew up, Redemption Rock isn’t a tourist trap locked in a cage).

Second, Redemption Rock, as a hiking trail, gives our urban brewery a natural, rustic element. Beer is equal parts industrial processes and raw ingredients - similar to how Worcester balances both a city culture and a proximity to nature. We like having a brand that reflects this balance.

Third thing - honestly, we just think it sounds cool. We heard the GPS voice say “turn left onto Redemption Rock trail,” and it just stuck with us. It felt positive and strong.

Local, balanced, positive, and strong. These are good characteristics, and the name Redemption Rock reminds us that we should strive for them.

Or maybe we’re just suckers for alliteration.