Redemption Rock Brewing Co. Announces the Invention of a Hazy, Juicy IPA

The “North East” IPA (NEIPA) is the Newest Innovation to Hit the Craft Beer Industry

WORCESTER, April 1, 2019 - Redemption Rock Brewing Co. today announced the release of a brand-new style of IPA -- the “North East” IPA, or NEIPA for short -- the newest innovation in the craft beer industry. Hazier, juicier, and less bitter than traditional India Pale Ales, the “North East” IPA represents an extremely marked departure from current craft beer trends.

“We’re like 90 percent sure nobody else has ever brewed anything like this,” said head brewer Greg Carlson. “At least not around here.”

The ground-breaking “North East” IPA is brewed with an irresponsible amount of Citra hops -- believed to be the world’s only hop. This gives the NEIPA its signature haziness -- solving beer drinkers’ long-time gripe of being able to see through their beer, which has stymied brewers for centuries.

“Our secret and proprietary technique of putting an absolute f*ckton of hops in a beer reveals a whole new bouquet of flavors, such as orange, mango, and orange,” said Carlson. “With all these new flavor possibilities, we’re confident that beer drinkers’ palettes will never tire of this truly inventive style.”

The paradigm-shifting “North East” IPA also provides a new level of convenience for craft beer fans; since it is required to be consumed within three hours of packaging, drinkers never have to worry about beer taking up refrigerator space for too long ever again.

“Craft beer fans demand three things: creativity, 22 oz. glass bombers, and not standing in line,” said Carlson. “We believe our ‘North East’ IPA -- the first of its kind, mind you -- will deliver all three.”

Redemption Rock will begin distributing the never-before-seen “North East” IPA in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut.

“We don’t think people in Vermont would like this very much,” said CEO Dani Babineau. “Hoppy beers aren’t really their thing.”