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All beers on tap are also available for take-home 32 oz. crowlers (except beers served exclusively on nitro).

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Drip Coffee

Light Roast: Kenya AB (Acoustic Java)

Nice sugar sweetness with tart fruit acidity and a heavy mouthfeel. Cocoa, grapefruit, and cedar flavors.

Dark Roast: Mexico Chiapas (Acoustic Java)

Sweet, bright, caramel, fruit, syrupy mouthfeel, tobacco, toffee

Pour Over & French Press

Ethiopia Halo Bariti (Atomic Coffee Roasters)

Fully washed light roast. Tropical flowers, lime, raspberry, peach, cedar

Sumatra Aceh Ketiara (Atomic Coffee Roasters)

Wet-hulled medium roast. Cedar, dark chocolate, spicy, earthy, syrupy

Striped Tiger Back Blend (Acoustic Java)

Blend of barrel-aged Sumatra and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Cocoa, cherry, wine, syrupy mouthfeel.


Cold Brew Coffee (Atomic Coffee Roasters)

Cold Brew Early Grey Tea (Acoustic Java)